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The Abel Conspiracy

The year was 2020, and Dan and Maria were just about to put a permanent stamp on their relationship. They had been together since elementary school and, because of Maria’s college aspirations, they knew that they had to get married because neither could bear to be apart from the other. In the town where young Dan and Maria were raised, everyone knew many years prior that the two were fated for each other. Absent was any notion as to what the union of the couple they had watched grow up together would mean to the United States or to the world for that matter. Dan and Maria didn’t set out to garner the world stage and had no idea what the future held for them. They couldn’t wait to marry, have a family, and settle into the normal day-to-day routine of middle class America, not knowing or caring what fate had in store for them. Soon after they married, however, Maria received devastating news that the likelihood that she could bear children was just about zero. Comfort came by way of their beliefs in the power of positive thoughts and, indeed, miracles. Years later, they received their miracle on a Christmas day. But this miracle was not just theirs to ponder because their miracle was unlike any other.
Franklin Abel was their miracle boy with an extraordinary mind, a gift to the world as it was. He was the salvation for a struggling world although the world didn’t know it. Dan and Maria saw him simply as their little boy while, at a very young age, nefarious individuals and secret organizations had a plan for both young Franklin and his parents.
Franklin grew up knowing despair and heartache as the shadowy evil doers constructed his life plan to fit their own greedy needs. Franklin was a visionary. He developed devices that were not supposed to be developed for the next two hundred years. Franklin was taken on a lifetime journey to find the truth which took him through the history of the Founding Fathers and the answers that only they could convey. Afoot was a lifelong conspiracy designed to garner information from the great mind of one destined to become the most important human who had ever been born. The conspiracy would cause Franklin misery on every possible level.
He became the world’s first trillionaire due to the devices he developed, but money was never his focus. He wanted to change the world but there were unseen forces fighting him all the way. He had everything except the answers as to why his friends and family were dying around him in strange ways. He resolved to expose the secrets and deceptions and was determined to seek out his enemies and use his gifted mind against them. Franklin believed in miracles and used his belief to make sense of the world’s problems. He also used his belief in miracles for his own salvation and that would be the most important thing that no one could take away from him. He was born a miracle and made them happen for the world of man.