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In the Manor of Heather Black

Opulence Among Us

  • Extra Mention: 2011 Millennium Star Publishing Festival. Opulence Among Us has now been circulating for about a year and is garnering attention in literary circles in some of the more well-known award ceremonies
  • Honorable Mention: 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival--DIY award

Legacy of the Unsung

  • Honorable Mention: 2011 Beach Book Festival Award in New York. This festival focuses on books that would be great reads while you are vacationing at the surf
  • Honorable Mention:2011 Millennium Star Publishing Award in the Fiction/History Category
  • First Place: 2011 Halloween Book Festival in the Time Travel Category

Falling Waters

The Abel Conspiracy

  • Honorable Mention: 2012 The Halloween Book Festival Award. General Fiction Category
  • Honorable Mention: 2012 San Francisco Book Festival Award . General Fiction Category