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The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier

Author Gary D. Henry takes you into a world of the bizarre and strange. Questions on life, death, and life after death play around the engaging pages of The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier.

For centuries, testimonies of people who claim to have seen their bodies as out-of-body spirits have intrigued and raised debatable arguments. While some believe this possibility exists, others doubt it does. However, one man would actually prove it—James C. Patch. An author living in 1905, he was able to unlock the secret of this mystery for he could release his spirit at will and could go to places many would think impossible. This gift led him to helping those spirits who cannot pass through the barrier. The barrier was situated between the spirits and their eternal paradise. Those spirits who had rich, good memories of life could easily penetrate through, while those who lived a despicable life or those with no good memory would need a savior to help them trough. James was this kind of person, he was a split-spirit.

Feeling sorry for these aimless spirits, he decided to write about this to shed some light on the dark world. But the barrier did not allow this. They threatened and eventually killed James’ family through deception and illusions that they had implanted in their minds. The illusions became unbearable that James soon killed himself. But before doing so, he split his spirit to lay it dormant until ninety years later when it would find another split-spirit that could possibly assist him in making sure that his family could penetrate the barrier and dwell in paradise together.

Jacob Masterson was the chosen man. But the barrier would not allow him to help the very man that they once destroyed. Will Jacob surface to be victorious this time? Packed with heart-pounding twists and hair-raising encounters, The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier will entertain readers as it follows the fascinating story of two men who had lived nearly a century apart and struggled to help each other in their quest for eternal happiness.

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