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Falling Waters (2nd Edition)

This is the second edition of Falling Waters which presents a newly edited version with added storylines and dialog to broaden the story.

Preston Rhodes was a brilliant and gifted writer. He was a scriptwriter and destined for great things when he graduated from college. He married his high school sweetheart, Carly, who was a gifted actor. They decided to move to California to attempt to solidify their individual and collective talents. Preston did not need the trappings of the entertainment industry, but he could see that Carly was as star struck as any new open-minded starlet caught in Hollywood’s trap could be. At some time during their stay, Carly changed. She was no longer the sweet innocent with whom Preston had fallen in love. Fame and money had become her only interests, and keeping her happy had become Preston’s full-time job. She lived well beyond their means. She demanded that Preston give up his dream of becoming a scriptwriter and get a real job. In fact, he got two and put all of his aspirations aside.

Carly would never allow anyone in the industry to see any of Preston’s writings for fear that he would be more successful than she was. Her ego would allow only her to be successful. She and Preston had many friends, and Jack and Jill Tilson were their best friends. Jack was an award-winning playwright having developed many plays and movie scripts from New York to California. Jill ran a few design shops around the city. Preston’s father died and left him a book that he had spent his last twenty years writing. Preston loved the book and adapted a screenplay from it.

Jack accidentally read the script that Preston adapted and was amazed by Preston’s talent, much to Carly’s dismay. Jack delivered it to the head of the studio he worked for, and the studio immediately purchased the rights to make a movie from it. The production company touted the movie as the next Gone with the Wind, and the marketers asked Preston to go on a yearlong tour around the country to promote the upcoming film. Preston was making a name for himself and traveling to all the television and radio stations, where he told the country about his book and impending movie. His tour took him to New York City, and Jack joined him there to be with him on his East Coast leg of his tour.

While in New York, a mugger and an errant bullet to Preston’s head caused him to create a fantasy in his mind while in his comatose condition. In the fantasy, he came upon a town called Falling Waters, Virginia. The tiny town was a strange one because its townspeople were old movie stars who had died many years earlier. Hope, Crosby, Gable, Wayne, Garland, and Astaire were all there. The clean quaint town accepted Preston and allowed him to live among them. Preston lived to a ripe old age within the town’s limits. Preston had given the old movie icons a gift, and the town wanted to give something back. Preston had written a book during his stay and adapted a screenplay from it. The old stars got together and made a few films just for his eyes on a particular pink computer.
On the day Preston died in the town, he awoke from his coma and told Jack about the town, but neither Jack nor anyone else believed him. They all told him that what he saw was an illusion or a dream since he was right there in the hospital the entire time. Jack finally convinced Preston that what he experienced did not happen, and once the hospital released Preston, he and Jack continued with the promotion tour.

The film earned Preston an Oscar, but Carly and her agent, Rick, conspired against Preston because he had fired Rick. Because of that, Carly and Rick did what they could to prevent any success Preston might have earned and enjoyed because of his Oscar.
Carly and Rick began a romantic affair, which drove Preston to madness, and he finally died in an old actors’ retirement home in California. What he left his friends in his will would shock and amaze the world and forever answer ancient questions about life after death.

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