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A Father First

This is a story about a father, Thomas Stevens, and his daughter, Sarah, and how far a father would go to redeem a single mistake which caused his seven-year olds paralysis. Its secondary story is about Christmas and miracles. Thomas one of six children born to Charlene and Ben Stevens on a Nebraskan farm. Thomas broke with the family tradition of farming and wanted to pursue a business career. Christmas was a joyous time in the Stevens household full of laughter, kind words, movies and music. His parents made the time of year memorable to all their children. One year devastated Thomas as his wife died in a car accident and his father died in the fields of a heart attack just before the holiday season started.

Thomas had a very successful business (a string a soda shops) and Sarah would always prompt him on Christmas Eve to make a Christmas memorable to poor families around town. They piled up presents and groceries in their car and left it on their porch. It was their bonding time as both were trying to get over the loss of Sarah’s mother and his loving wife, Emily. They did this for years until one Christmas, Thomas neglected to fasten Sarah’s seatbelt all the way. A reckless driver nearly ran them off the road and Thomas sped up to get a license number when he lost control and slammed into a tree sending his young daughter through the windshield which left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Sarah harbored an anger toward her father that would last the next twenty plus years and vowed never to speak to him again. Thomas was devastated and vowed to her to make her walk again, regardless of what it took or how long it took. Sarah stayed with Thomas’ mother at the farm while Thomas, after selling his business, moved to New York to pursue a much larger company. Sarah would want for nothing because Thomas paid for everything without Sarah knowing about it. Every time she needed money in her early twenties it magically appeared in the form of contest wins or selling art for outrageous sums. The buyer would always be Thomas. Had she known her father was supplying the money she wouldn’t have accepted it.

Thomas crafted an elaborate plan that would take many years to get his daughter to walk again. He heard of a brilliant boy who needed an operation to survive but his parents were penniless. Thomas gave them 1 million dollars with a few conditions. The first was, that under any circumstances, they were not disclose his identity and secondly, they were to direct the boy toward a medical degree and he would foot the bill. The boy’s life was scripted from then on. The press got wind of the story and deemed the man responsible, the Miracle Man. The parents were so grateful that they complied with Thomas’ wishes even though he went to prison and was hated around the world. Thomas did this for different families for the next 25 years and soon the Miracle Man became legend and was loved by millions. See how the Miracle Man and Thomas were intertwined to give his daughter the best gift a father can. Will Sarah find out too late, that her benefactor and the man who secretly made her life bearable, was her own estranged father?