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An Isle for the Ages

This is a story about second and third chances to experience life. Bronson and Catherine Preminger were an elderly couple who were very much in love. So much so that they resolved to die together when Catherine was diagnosed with end stages of Alzheimer’s Disease because neither could live not knowing the other and forgetting everything they had experienced together. They wanted to sink their beloved yacht that they have sailed to the far corners of the globe while Catherine’s memories are still intact. She wanted to die with a mind full of memories of her life with Bronson, their lone surviving daughter, Brooke, and the memory of their son who died at war. Her tragic memory loss began suddenly and without warning so they implemented their plan. However, Brooke guessed what they wanted to do because her father strangely and suddenly changed the name of the famed yacht which indicated that her father planned on sinking it in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as a final romantic gesture to his beloved wife.

However, Brooke had a secret and she told her parents that they would become grandparents in the next seven months. Upon hearing the news about Brooke’s pregnancy, the Premingers postponed their final voyage which was simply replaced with a vacation sail to Bermuda. Catherine did not want to die before she held her grandchild knowing that her disease is a slow progression into dementia and she had plenty of time to die.

They had sailed to Bermuda many times but this time their huge yacht hit storm after storm and eventually succumbed to Mother Nature’s wrath. They floated for weeks trying to survive rather than commit suicide. Just when they gave up hope Catherine thought that she saw an island but Bronson did not and thought that the trauma of being shipwrecked at sea exacerbated her disease’s progression. Read how they fought the troubling seas, Catherine’s insidious disease and how they survived the traumas of life on a strange mysterious island full of unseen dangers. See how their extraordinary adventure culminates in a surprising myriad of twists and turns and tests the well-settled facts of life and death.

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