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Legacy of the Unsung

Joseph Patrick is a boy who is disliked for a very good reason. Although a genius, he chooses to be the way he is—a classic bully who steals and cheats his way through school and is destined to do the same into adulthood. Growing up, he continues to lie, cheat, and steal his way into a CEO position, making him a very rich man. Wealth is everything he needs. He views his friends as people who just wanted his money. Many believe that Joseph is acting this way because he grew up without a father.

His father died the day he was born as a war hero who did not make it back home. His uncle Joe, however, made his return and swore that he would take care of Joseph and his mother. Uncle Joe took young Joe camping all the time and he told him stories of a red door to the past that appeared to show people the right path in life. Now a grown up, Joseph is on a collision course with the mystical red door. Unbeknownst to him, he is about to take five lifetimes of adventures, and what would culminate is an ending that will be both shocking and endearing to him.

Follow Joseph in this brilliantly crafted fiction as he learns what really is important in life. Legacy of the Unsung is an unconventional and haunting, yet edifying, approach of highlighting man’s life purpose.

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