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A Life Measured by the Minute

A minute is measured, by many, as a trivial moment of time. For some, a minute is a lifetime, for others, a mere hindrance to greater things. It lives and it dies along with an individual through various adventures, and its importance is weighed with one’s choices in life. Author Gary D. Henry stirs readers’ emotions with a true story of determination, love, compassion, and respect, A Life Measured by the Minute

Masterfully written, Henry pens down the compelling story of Don Hyler and his selfless desire to do the right thing. Don Hyler was born from a Hawaiian mother and a Marine Corps father in Honolulu, Hawaii. Due to his father’s job, the family keeps moving to different locations every two years. Mischievous and always wanting to try Gary Henry, Author with Don Hylernew things, he also had a not-so idyllic childhood which helped him realize the realities of life. Don had to experience a lifetime of challenges in order to understand that he already had exactly what he’d always wanted. Married to a beautiful wife, Don shares his experiences being a bartender and being someone with an innate desire to help others. 

“A great life dedicated to his wife and kids. Despite enormous pressures in life, Don’s amazing work ethic and ability to overcome obstacles as well as his desire to achieve happiness was nothing short of heroic. He veered from the path at times but was always focused on what was important,” Henry says.