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In the Manor of Heather Black

The story begins in pre-civil war Virginia. Heather and Cyrus Black purchased a massive estate consisting of over fifty bedrooms; twenty five on the east wing and twenty five on the west. Cyrus, a member of London royalty, was a humble man who ran away from the monarchy and wanted the smaller life of a farmer. He met and married his beautiful but troubled wife and moved into the manor. The estate came with fifty slaves who Cyrus immediately freed much to the dismay of Heather who wanted and needed to feel superior to all. Cyrus was unaware that Heather is a practicing witch but her spells seldom worked on the other women whom she demanded respect from. It angered her that the women didn’t bow down to her great beauty. Cyrus was oblivious to

Heathers demands though he had heard all the rumors and gossip in town.
Heather remembered a witch’s handbook that her friend and fellow witch left her upon her death. The book was housed in one of the smaller rooms deep inside the seldom visited west wing of the mansion. Heather visited there often when she wanted to concoct a potion or recite a spell to force the women and citizens of the town to love her. The spells worked and she was loved again by all. The years went by and she started to age and needed to peruse the book again to find a spell to make her young forever. She found one to give her everlasting beauty for an eternity but for it to work, she had to kill Cyrus and remove a part of his body and hide it within the huge manor.

She would also have to die, but first had to put a spell on the manor to attract future Heather Blacks and force them to kill their husbands as well and also collect a body part and hide it. She had to do this for five generations and only then could she do the final spell with all five relics that all the Heather Blacks collected. The spirit of the original Heather Black and all the spirits of the dead husbands remained to haunt all new inhabitants of the manor. Can the last Heather Black overcome the spells strong allure, figure out the spell and break its grip and thwart the original Heather Black’s plan to return to the mortal world.

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