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Opulence Among Us

They are the amazing ten. A group of three women and seven men, they are all known for their booming business, glamorous career, or just simply their inherited wealth. The group always leans on each other for support, as friends should do in time of crisis. One thing that keeps them together is their common philosophy that they can only drive one car at a time and live in one house at a time and everything else is really not needed. Thus, the ten friends set out to change thousands of people’s lives in their country. Poignantly crafted, Opulence Among Us follows the group as they choose a browbeaten neighborhood and breathe life into it and the people who suffer a wretched life in it. Their philanthropic works include paving the streets, fixing all existing homes, giving the people good paying jobs, paying off all their outstanding debt, and making sure they have a crime-free and drug-free place for the children. Despite different death threats by corrupt politicians and drug lords who attempt to put a stop to their good deeds because it is removing the slums that these entities rely on to do business, the group firmly continues on their mission. They are slowly putting their lives into danger, yet how are they to surpass and survive it? Readers will be lured into a maze of mystery as each character’s true identity is unveiled. Opulence Among Us is an inspiring and eye-opening read that timely addresses to the issues of today.

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