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The Red Dirt Paradox

Trent Pritchard lived in the rural West Virginia unmapped town of Red Dirt. His father, Ben, owned a sportsman’s store and most of the residents depended on the store to resupply them with bullets and camping supplies. It was a poor community that depended on hunting to put food on the table. There was one family who had all the money in the world. His father had a group of friends growing up in Red Dirt. Randolph Kolb, Patch, Remy, Jordy Morgan and his wife and Trent’s mother, Margie. The nine-year-old friends did everything together. They all met at their favorite fishing pond and either fished or swam on some of the warmer weekends. All of his childhood friends stayed and grew older in Red Dirt but Randolph Kolb went to college and eventually won a senate seat from West Virginia and eventually turned out to be the richest man in the state. However, Margie spurned his advances and married his father instead.

Randolph was hurt and unwisely married the first woman he met and had five sons who eventually held him hostage in his own mansion. The five boys grew up and terrorized the small God-fearing town. Even law enforcement feared the brothers as they rampaged businesses and stole what they needed. Trent’s father stood up to the brothers when they tried to steal bullets and they vowed to take care of them. Soon they carried out their threats which drove Trent to enact his own revenge on the Kolb brothers but they got to him before Trent had a chance. Death and paranormal activity didn’t stop him as he mysteriously met an elderly man in the woods and together they repaid the Kolb brothers for their brutality. However, Trent inadvertently traveled into the world of the afterlife and is given an opportunity to time travel to make things right at a tremendous paradoxical cost. Is bringing his father and mother back worth tremendously altering his existence?