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The Books of James C. Patch: Returning

From the author of The Books of James C. Patch: The Barrier comes the much-anticipated sequel.  The Books of James C. Patch: Returning is finally here and you will again find yourself in another exciting and spine-tingling adventure.

This is the continuing story of James C. Patch and Jacob Masterson.  James C. Patch was an author living in the early 1900s when tragedy struck his family when he decided to write down what he found out about death and the afterlife. James was a split-spirit—a spirit that could split from his body prior to death and was able to cross through the barrier and see through his spirit what was on the other side.  Jacob Masterson is an author of the present century and is working on a new book when he is sent to a cottage in Vermont that was owned by James C. Patch.  It is said that James and his family each died under mysterious circumstances.  

In the first book, the author chronicles the adventures of Jacob as he attempted to destroy the evil barrier that was preventing spirits from entering the Utopia on the other side.  In this second book, Jacob finds himself on another journey through a myriad of evil doings and terrifying illusions.  He told the spirits, those who could not pass through the barrier, that he could help them. The majority of which are children—and it is Jacob’s task to save them.  Through unimaginable pain and suffering, Jacob attempts to find a way to allow the spirits to pass through the barrier to their parents and loves ones on the other side, and at the same time, his own Utopia.  But can he do it again?  Read on to find out.

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