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Barry Boswell had a despicable childhood on the hard streets of New Jersey’s lost avenue of despair. He was sent to an orphanage when his drug infested parents died. Years later he was adopted by a loving family and changed his name. Barry loved photography and after many years in the profession, he won the highest prize for a photographer, the Nobel Prize. He was known the world over for his photography and later in life specialized in wildlife photography and set up cameras all over his extensive properties to catch the animals in their natural habitat. However, when he started capturing disturbing images, he started a dangerous investigations into the photographs.

Along with friends he set out to the locations in search of clues to the disturbing images but he found nothing. He brought a series of law enforcement and detectives into the mystery but their findings only intensified the mystery until one detective linked the mystery to his seldom talked about life in the orphanage and his own well-documented murderous past when he accidentally shot and killed his father and brother as a ten-year old prior to his life changing adoption.