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The Utilitarians

The opposition party hated the Sedgewick family because they always meddled into everything thing they tried to propose and they exposed the opposition party years earlier in a vast scam to pinch every penny out of the poor in America. Internal memoranda were collected which proved the level of hatred the party had for a large segment of the population but instead of changing their platforms they adjusted them so their agenda cannot be clearly known.

The Sedgewicks were bearing down on them again when one was suddenly assassinated. The political world was turned upside down as America watch a most favorite son’s funeral. There were many in the opposition party who also loved the Sedgewicks but one Senator considered them family and set out to find out whether or not his party hired a shadowy group called the Utilitarian’s who were fabled to have carried out assassinations of political leaders for centuries though the press and most political circles are convinced that there are no such group and never has been.