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The Books of James C. Patch: Utopia

Utopia presents the third and final segment of the James C. Patch saga. Jacob’s memories of his past battles and his reality, have been stripped. He is presented with a spirit wife and family but only Harry, his elderly best friend, knows that they are not his real family and he struggles to convince Jacob that he has another life.

The spirit world was in turmoil as the Barrier began its war on the spirits and with Jacob being oblivious, having lost his memories, he could not continue the fight and help them pass through the Barrier to the Utopia on the other side. Little by little, his memories began to come back to him because of the debilitating illness of Harry. Harry has Alzheimer’s and Jacob and all of Harry’s family and friends thought that he was having delusions but slowly the delusions started to make sense to Jacob. Harry desperately wanted to make Jacob realize the truth before he dies but Jacob was still not convinced. Mysteries and history repeating itself makes him realize what he was up against but it would cost him and extraordinary price and not only a war on earth, but an even larger fight in the spirit world. The extravagant plan by the evil Barrier started falling apart when all his family and friends began dying around him and slowly he starts to believe his dying friend. Once he realizes that the Barrier has taken everything from him while he was living a made up life, he decides to make his war and attempt to destroy the Barrier forever. However, there are other forces that would not allow him his final victory. Will Jacob would sacrifice everything in the fight to save the spirits and the living people of the world?