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A War for the Reckoning

One high level Government operative was the only person who knew how to contact the elite group who held more power than the President and other world leaders. Thomas retired and lived in the suburbs of California with his wife and child. However, once his family is killed, he used his past skills to determine who killed them. Through research, he found out that gang members with ties to legitimate businesses were responsible. What Thomas Archer did not know is that the killing of Thomas Archer was the group of ten soldier’s next covert assignment. Thomas used all his training fending off the group’s attempts to kill him or thwart his efforts to enact revenge on the gang members who killed his family. Thomas knew that there were forces working in the shadows to kill him so he altered his plan to counteract their intrusion and still going after the gang. Thomas did not know why the group targeted him or why they appeared to be protecting the gang members but he did know that the group would not get involved in such a low-profile crime unless the security of the nation is threatened.

Thomas never met those who paid him nor did he converse with the shadowy people who gave him the assignments. As Thomas enacted his plan, the reasons became clear to him. The group of ten soldiers realized late that their quarry was one of their own and rebelled against the world forces organization that possessed greater power than all the leaders of all the countries combined. They were the purveyors of the world and decided who won certain wars and how world events would shape the future of the world.

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